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Set your appointment at a practice that is committed to providing professional dental treatment and care. At Mosman 3D Dental we know that a visit at the dentist can be a scary thing, particularly if you have a few tooth and gum issues to address or it has been some time since your last appointment!

In your first visit, you can feel completely at ease with the professional service provided by our skilled dental team, with our practice aimed at providing a relaxed atmosphere to calm your nerves and put your mind at ease. Our friendly staff can also assist you with any queries you may have - whether it be about our dental premises, anxious patient services or treatment procedures.

We want to help you with your journey to healthier, functional teeth, so if you have any questions about preventative care or ways to improve your oral health, feel free to discuss these issues with your dentist.


Dentisure - Care Beyond the Chair

Every family experiences the unexpected lumps, bumps and bruises that come with life. An 8 year old Superman who crashes to earth, an errant skateboard under Dad’s feet or a rogue cricket ball on a Saturday morning are the kinds of random accidents that can leave you with little to smile about.

Accidental dental damage only needs to happen once to put a sizeable dent in your family budget. Many general health insurers will only cover a small proportion of dental treatments and most have long waiting periods of up to 12 months before you can claim.

That’s why Dental Care Network has introduced Dentisure™ - free dental accident coverage to protect you against the unexpected.

You trust your dentist to care for your family’s oral well being. It’s good to know that every Dental Care Network practice now offers Dentisure™ to extend that care beyond the chair.

For more information regarding Dentisure, please contact us.

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Sedation - Treating Anxious Patients

For patients who have a fear of the dentist or feel anxious about their dental treatment, sedation could be the perfect solution.

Using the latest and safest techniques in medically-administered sedation, we can carry out all types of dental treatments for patients in a completely pain free environment.

Ask your dentist for more information and recommendations on what would suit you and your requirements in this area.

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